Miscellaneous Careers
Many workshop participants had innovative ideas for careers. Find their essays here.

Airplane Pilot
  I want to be an airplane pilot for many reasons. One reason is because I think it would be a lot of fun. Another reason is because I like to know that in spare time you could fly any where you wanted. I think it would be fun to explore the whole world. It would be fun to see new things and meet new people everyday. I think if I were a pilot I would start out going to the air force academy. After that I would try to get a job as a commercial pilot. After I had enough money I think I would buy my own plane. I would like to see all the places I hadn’t seen already. Most pilots have at least a four-year degree. All pilots that transport passengers must have a pilot license. You must be at least 18 and have 250 hours of flight experience. There are many reasons to be an airplane pilot , but these are just a few. I hope these paragraphs have inspired you why people like me would enjoy this job as a career they would have fun doing. Chantal, Age 10

  I don’t know what I what to be when I grow up. I could be a doctor or a veterinarian maybe a pediatrician or a layer. I want to be a person who is kind and generous. So maybe I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. But that’s ok. Abriana

Still Exploring
  Still Exploring My favorite color is pink. I like to eat pizza and ice cream. I like my little sister. I like to go to Denver to visit my family. I like to go outside when it snows and play with my cousins. Briseida 7th grade

  Lawyer When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. I chose this career because I can help people , most lawyers make a lot of money, and after a couple of years of being a lawyer maybe I could be a judge. I think being a lawyer would be a great opportunity. A lawyer helps defend people. Lawyers do many things. One lawyer that would be fun to be is a defense attorney. I would like that because I could defend people. Lawyers need to know history. The history of politics of things that happened in court. They need to know how to defend someone. You will have to spend many years in school. You have to go to college, then law school, and you also have to pass the bar test. To be a lawyer you will have to have a license. Most lawyers make more money by being in private law. I also chose this profession because my brother will also be a lawyer so when I get out of school him and I are going to open our own law firm. Chelsea, 9th grade

  Writer I would like to be a writer when I grow up. I would like to write out of my home. I choose my career because I have always been fascinated by writing books for children. A writer is a person who can think of creative ideas and put them on a piece of paper for anybody to read. I’m most interested in writing books and novels for children, teenagers, and young adults. I am interested in writing in a variety of topics! Corina

Fashion Designer
  When I grow up, I would like to be a fashion designer. I chose this career because I like to draw anything in general. I love clothes and try to keep up with all the latest styles. I read magazines to find out what all the celebrities are wearing these days. If there is an outfit that I really like then I will find out who designed it and hope to see my name on there one of these days. A fashion designer designs clothing for companies. They design clothing that is in style or will become the next latest style. I will need to go to school to become a fashion designer. I will need to take electives in design, art, and graphics. I would like to go to The Art Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Deandra

  When I grow up, I’d like to be a cryptozoologist. I chose this career because I think it would be interesting to prove that these strange animals such as unicorns or chimeras really do exist. Cryptozoologists are people just like regular zoologists, except that they don’t study regular animals like wolves or lions. They study animals that many people believe to be real, but their existence has not yet been proven. These animals include Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) and the Loch Ness monster. I believe these animals really do exist and are simply waiting to be discovered and revealed to the public. In order to do this, you would have to go to college and get at least a master’s degree or a doctorate. Desiree

  The career I might choose would be a teacher. I would choose that career because I like being with children. A teacher has to go to school every day. They also have to now all the stuff that is required to be a teacher. They also need to grade a lot of papers when they get home. There is a lot of stuff you need to know to become a teacher. Some of the stuff you need to know is the stuff you’re going to teach. Another thing is to know correct spelling. Lupe

Marine Biologist
  I love marine life! I especially like squids and octopuses. A marine biologist studies underwater life. They observe and contain deep water fish and mammals. I have to take four years of college to get a fair job as a marine biologist, but only three years is required. Research should be communicated to other scientists and the general public so that the findings can be put to use. For this reason, marine scientists need communication skills, which include public speaking (to give lectures) and writing (to write scientific papers and grants for funding). Academic training will include doing well in a pre-college program in high school with a very solid background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computers, English, etc. As in business, there are admission level, middle and advanced positions. Salaries also vary from state to state and between the government and private companies. In general, marine biologists are not paid as well as doctors or lawyers, but a comfortable living can be obtained. Higher salaries generally can be found in the private division. As with any career, earnings vary with education, knowledge and responsibilities. Grace, Grade 7

  When I grow up I would like to be a singer. It has always been my dream to become a singer because I love to sing in general .Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a singer. My idol is Kelly Clarkson I just love her songs they remind me of what I am going to sing about which is love songs because when a couple is going on a honey moon or just on a date I could sing a romantic song for them. Another reason is because I just can’t stop singing it’s like my life when in the car I can’t stop singing. Even in the shower I sing I just don’t know why it’s hard for me to stop singing. If you ask me if singing is a good career I would say yes because it’s a very healthy thing to do. Instead of being a couch potato why don’t you just jump up and start singing and dancing I promise you’ll love it to. Those are the reasons I love singing. Mercadise, Grade 7

Marine Biologist and Musician
  I want my career to be a marine biologist and a musician. I want to be a marine biologist because I love being under water and I think the ocean is very pretty and my favorite class in school is biology. I would need to go to college for about 5 years for biology because I have heard there is a lot to know about biology and the ocean. I want to be a musician because I absolutely love to play the guitar. I have been playing the guitar for 6 years it would be easy for me to become a musician because I can learn instruments easily. It would be hard though because I would have to learn how to read music .I learn by ear. I would have to go to college for about 3 years to become a musician so I would have to college for about 8 years in all Minda, Grade 7

Exploring Gymnastics and Dance
  My favorite things to do are gymnastics and dance. I am on the dance team and also on the gymnastics team because it is fun. My favorite thing in gymnastics is the balance beam. Natalie, Grade 4

  When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I chose this career because I love to do math and I think its fun. What does a math teacher do? What kind of school do I need to go to? Do I need to go to a top college? If you want to be a different kind of teacher do you go to the same kind of college? What if I want to be a language teacher? What do I do about that? Natasha Grade 6

  When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. I choose that career because my mom said that I should become a lawyer because I like to argue. I do need to go to college to get a 4-year college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a written bar examination. Itzel

  When I grow up, I would like to be a scientist. Scientists invent different kinds of cures and some make life easier. They can invent things and robots that, a hundred years from now, will be every wear. We alertly have many many computers or robots, in our lives. Merit, Grade 6

Teacher in Africa
  I want to be a teacher in Africa. I have always dreamed of helping the African people learn how to do math and science. I will also teach them to write and read. I think it is what they need the most. A better education will help them when and if they ever get to the USA. I think a teacher does three thing. A teacher helps a child learn. He or she teaches them respect for others. They teach them love. This is what a teachers teaches a child. Samantha, Grade 6

Singing Future
  I might be in the singing business because I have a strong voice. I also was in singing groups. I have always loved music and I have tried to mimic theme when I hear there music. My biggest singer is Shakira Isabel Maberic Ropoll. She is my favorite because she has some touching songs. Leeann, Grade 6

I Want to Be a Writer
  When I grow up I would like to be writer. I would like to write children’s books. I chose this career because I enjoy reading. I think it would be fun to write my own book for others to read some day. Writing is fun for me, I like to makeup stories and characters. A lot of the time stories start forming in my mind before I write then down. Different writers do lots of different things. Some writers write for newspapers or magazines. And some write novels and short stories. I’m not sure how many years you have to go to college to become a writer but I know that you have to have six college credits to become a one. Unsigned

Cel Animation Artist
  When I am an adult, I want to be a traditional cel animation artist. Cel animation was first used in movies by Walt Disney in the full-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Critics thought a film in complete animation would bore the audience and tire their eyes. But, to everyone’s surprise, Snow White pulled through. Everyone in that first audience felt so deeply moved by the lead character’s realistic words and movements, yet uplifted by the dwarf’s flawless planned silliness and good humor. Disney and his animation team only grew in the years that followed. Yet, some of those old movies we now consider classics were failures in their original release. But, in the 1990’s the release of the film The Little Mermaid marked the dawn of a new era as the moving music literally carried the story and was the key element of the entire production. Disney’s films that followed used the same style. But lately Disney has not been living to those standards that they had set for themselves. Very recently, I learned the Disney has closed down their cel animation studio. It was a big blow for me when they then bought Pixar studios and became one company. This art form is dying, and I feel like I am the only one paying last respects. Aria

Crime Detective/Investigator
  When I grow up I want to be a crime detective/investigator. I chose this career because I want help people to find out how their relative, friend, pet, etc. died and who killed them and things. I could also help them in other crimes like in stealing and many other things having to do with crime. A crime detective/investigator helps to solve the crime or scene. And to become a crime detective/investigator I think you would have to contact with police and you have to go to a certain school, or a certain college/university. Genesis, Grade 6

Animal Police Officer
  I want to be an Animal Police Officer when I grow-up, mainly because I have a soft spot for animals and I would like to stop Animal Cruelty. I absolutely hate it when an animal gets hurt or have to watch its head pop off. :( It would be really nice to have no more animal cruelty. Animal Police get calls or reports from people who are concerned about the animals their neighbor or friend has, and then they go and see if the animals are in danger or they’re being starved and just aren’t being treated correctly. And when they are they find the owner, they have him/her go in court, get judged, they usually always get put in jail!:) Sara

  I would like to be a zoologist when I am older because I love animals and want to work with them in a zoo or in nature. I wouldn’t want to be a vet because I can’t stand to see animals who have been abused or who are in pain. The kind of zoologist I want to be might work at a zoo to help feed and train different kinds of animals. I think to be a successful zoologist I would need to get a masters degree in zoology and know a lot about biology and animal behavior. I would need to know enough to keep myself and the animals safe. Julia, Grade 8

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